Draw Kangaroo 10

Step 10: Draw the kangaroo's nose on the tip of the initial arc. Start by lightly drawing an upside-down triangle. Then darken it, making it more round and adding short lines on top for fur and a shaded circle on the side for the kangaroo's nostril.

Draw Kangaroo 11

Step 11: Use the arc as a guide to draw the rest of the kangaroo's muzzle. Curve the lines more as you darken them for a more organic feel. Draw the kangaroo's mouth under the nose using quick, short strokes and add another line underneath for the chin.

Draw Kangaroo 12

Step 12: Use the arc on the kangaroo's head as a guide to draw the ears. Make the lines wavier as you darken them and make them appear thinner on top. Add another line in the ear for structure and a few quick strokes within it to represent fur. Draw the other ear using the same shape but don't draw any extra lines inside because it's facing the other way.

Draw Kangaroo 13

Step 13: Use the original circle as a guide to draw the rest of the kangaroo's head. Make the top part of the head flatter and use quick, short strokes at the bottom for the fur.

Draw Kangaroo 14

Step 14: Using the line as a guide, draw the kangaroo's arms. Draw lightly at first to get the structure of the first arm right. When you're happy with what you have, go ahead and darken it. Follow the bends of the line but make the corners rounder as you make the arm thicker. Use quick, short strokes to represent fur. Draw a few curved lines at the end for the kangaroo's fingers. Draw the other arm using a couple of lines. The hands come together, so the hand on the other side is not visible.
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