How to Draw a Angry Mean Snarling Cartoon Wolf


Please PAUSE the "How to Draw a Wolf (Cartoon)" video after each step to draw at your own pace.


Written step-by-step video tutorial:


For the first few steps, don't press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.


Draw Angry Mean Snarling Cartoon Wolf 1

Step 1: Draw a short diagonal line for the snarling wolf's first eyebrow. Now draw another short, diagonal line facing the opposite direction for the second eyebrow. Curve the outer tips of the eyebrows down and the inner tips up. Don't place the lines too far apart. The line on the left should be a bit longer than the line on the right.


Draw Angry Mean Snarling Cartoon Wolf 2

Step 2: Below each eyebrow, draw a flat diamond-like shape for the eyes. You can add pupils inside the wolf's eyes if you'd like, or just leave them blank for a more ferocious look. The eye on the right should be a bit smaller because of the perspective.


Draw Angry Mean Snarling Cartoon Wolf 3

Step 3: Lightly sketch a small oval below the eyes for the nose. When you get the size and placement right, darken the lines. Add the wolf's nostrils inside near the bottom.


Draw Angry Mean Snarling Cartoon Wolf 4

Step 4: Draw a long, curved line under the cartoon wolf's nose for the top part of the muzzle. The line should wrap around the bottom part of the nose, then stretch toward the left a bit.


Draw Angry Mean Snarling Cartoon Wolf 5

Step 5: Draw a few curved lines above the nose for wrinkles that emphasize the wolf's snarl. The lines should start on the outside , then curve in and down toward the nose.

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