Draw Angry Mean Snarling Cartoon Wolf 16

Step 16: For the base of the wolf's front leg, draw two short diagonal lines to the left of the head. Then draw two longer, vertical lines underneath for the lower half of the leg. Use quick, short strokes for the fur.


Draw Angry Mean Snarling Cartoon Wolf 17

Step 17: Draw the wolf's paw below. Use a short horizontal line for the bottom and a curved line on the right side. Add a couple of curved lines at the top to separate the toes.


Draw Angry Mean Snarling Cartoon Wolf 18

Step 18: Draw a series of quick, short strokes on either side of the leg for the underside of the wolf's body.


Draw Angry Mean Snarling Cartoon Wolf 19

Step 19: To the right of the first leg, draw a diagonal line made up of short strokes for the other leg stepping forward. Draw the other side of the foot as a curved line close to the lower jaw. Now connect the two lines using a curved line that's similar to the letter U for the wolf's hanging paw. Add the toes at the tip using a couple of short lines.


Draw Angry Mean Snarling Cartoon Wolf 20

Step 20: Draw the hind leg on the left side by first drawing two diagonal lines that almost come together at the bottom. Continue drawing the leg by adding two parallel vertical lines below that create a joint. Draw the wolf's paw at the bottom using a curved line. Add the toes inside as short lines at the tip of the paw.

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