Draw Dragon 15

Step 15: For the second part of the dragon's wing, draw a series of curved, pointy lines inside to give it more structure. Be sure to draw lightly at first to get the structure and spacing of the lines right.

Draw Dragon 16

Step 16: Now that you have the bony structure down, draw a few curved lines in between to get the attached skin that forms the dragon's wing.


Draw Dragon 17

Step 17: Draw the wing on the other side by using the dragon's wing in front as a guide.

Draw Dragon 18

Step 18: Draw the dragon's neck and body using the initial shapes and lines as guides. Use small lines on the right side of the dragon's neck to represent scales.


Draw Dragon 19

Step 19: Darken the shape of the dragon's tail. If you'd like, you can draw an arrow-like point at the end for extra detail.

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