Draw Dragon 10

Step 10: Draw a series of curved lines on top of the dragon's head for horns. Draw lightly at first to get the structure right, then darken it. Make them longer or shorter, or draw more horns if you'd like.

Draw Dragon 11

Step 11: If you'd like, you can draw an ear below the dragon's horns for more detail.


Draw Dragon 12

Step 12: Using the lines as guides, draw the dragon's hind legs. Draw lightly at first to get the structure right. When you're happy with what you have, go ahead and darken it. Draw a couple of toes at the bottom and a few lines on top to indicate folds of skin. Draw the visible portion of the dragon's leg on the other side.

Draw Dragon 13

Step 13: Use the initial lines as guides to draw the dragon's front legs. Remember to draw lightly at first and only darken once you get the structure right. You can draw the dragon's leg on the other side raised or for a simpler version, draw it next to the other leg like the hind legs. If you draw the leg raised, draw the dragon's toes as a series of angled lines pointing down.


Draw Dragon 14

Step 14: Use the initial angled line as a guide to draw the first part of the dragon's wing. Thicken up the guide line, especially at the base. Draw a pointy spike on the top right angle of the wing as extra detail.

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