How to Draw a Spring Summer Earth Dragon 10

Step 10: Inside the head, near the top, left side, lightly sketch a small oval for the eye. When you get the size and shape right, draw a curved line at the top for the first part of the brow. Darken the bottom part of the eye so that its shape is similar to a triangle. Above the dragon's eye, draw three short spikes for the bony top part of the thick brow.


How to Draw a Spring Summer Earth Dragon 11

Step 11: Draw the nostril on top of the guide for the muzzle using two tiny, curved lines. Darken the top part of the guide for the muzzle but don't overlap the nostril. Near the middle of the earth dragon's muzzle, draw a few V-shaped lines toward the right side for the teeth. You can draw more teeth by drawing more V-shaped lines. You can make them different sizes too. Stretch the mouth to the right past the eye. Add another curved line on the dragon's muzzle for the nostril on the other side.



How to Draw a Spring Summer Earth Dragon 12

Step 12: Draw the lower half of the earth dragon's muzzle using the initial lines as guides. Add a small V- shaped line on the lower, left side for a horn on the chin. Draw a bigger triangular spike on the lower, right side of the initial circle for another horn on the jaw. Draw a bigger, curved spike above, along the side of the initial circle, for another horn.


How to Draw a Spring Summer Earth Dragon 13

Step 13: Draw a series of big, triangular spikes along the top edge of the head for the earth dragon's main horns. Make the horn on the right the tallest. Then gradually make the other two horns smaller.



How to Draw a Spring Summer Earth Dragon 14

Step 14: Draw a series of angled line s to the left of the horns for the set of horns on the other side of the head. This second set of lines should be almost parallel to the first set, only off to the left a bit. On the right side of the earth dragon's head, draw another big horn using a couple of curved lines.

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