Draw Crocodile 10

Step 10: Finish the crocodile's head by drawing a few lines on the top and bottom.

Draw Crocodile 11

Step 11: Draw the front foot using the initial line as a guide. Use curved lines to indicate the foot going forward and draw the fingers at the end. Draw a few lines within the arm to indicate the rough skin.

Draw Crocodile 12

Step 12: Draw the hind leg using the initial line as a guide. Draw curved lines to indicate where the leg bends and draw the webbed toes at the end. Draw small lines within it to indicate the crocodile's rough skin.

Draw Crocodile 13

Step 13: Use the initial lines as guides to draw the neck. Remember to use curves to make the skin bumpy. Draw small curved lines inside the crocodile's neck as well to indicate the bumps and scales.

Draw Crocodile 14

Step 14: Use the initial oval shape to draw in the rest of the crocodile's body. Draw the top side using a series of curves to indicate the armor-like skin and draw more rows of bumps inside the body. The bottom is smoother but still scaly. Draw a series of lines similar to plus signs to indicate this.

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