Draw Crocodile Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined drawing.

Draw Crocodile 6

Step 6: Draw the eye on the upper right side of the head. The eye is similar to the shape of a football with a circle inside it as the eyeball. Shade in a narrow slit for the crocodile's pupil. Give the eyeball some shade too. And darken the inside shape of the eye. Draw a line over the crocodile's eye as the top of his head and extra lines around it for detail. Another curve on top indicates the crocodile's other eye.

Draw Crocodile 7

Step 7: Use the initial arc as a guide to draw the top of the mouth. Crocodiles have rough skin, so draw the mouth with a series of bumps that extend into the circle. A small line on top indicates the nostril.

Draw Crocodile 8

Step 8: Draw the lower jaw underneath using the initial guide. The lower jaw extends even farther back into the circle and is just as bumpy. Open the crocodile's jaw by using a series of lines that curve toward the top of the mouth.

Draw Crocodile 9

Step 9: Use a series of small, spiky triangle-like lines to line the crocodile's mouth with teeth. The teeth on the lower jaw wrap around the back as well.

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