Draw Chinese Dragon 20

Step 20: Use a series of wavy and spiky lines on the right side of the head to create the Chinese dragon's mane. Follow the basic path of the neck as you draw the mane. The mane should cover a lot of the neck but not overlap the antler. Use curved lines and spikes of different sizes to give the mane more volume. The spikes should point to the right.


Draw Chinese Dragon 21

Step 21: Use a series of curved lines to draw the antler on the other side peeking out from behind the flowing mane.

Draw Chinese Dragon 22

Step 22: Draw the first front leg by using the lines under the body as guides. First draw a line on either side of the guide for the leg's middle section. Continue to follow the path of the guide to draw the first toe. At the end of the toe, draw a claw using curved lines. Draw another toe on either side of the first toe. The toes should be thin and the talons long like an eagle's. Follow the path of the guide that's pointing to the right to draw the final toe and claw. On the top left side of the Chinese dragon's leg, draw long, flowing fur using a series of wavy lines. The lines should come together at the top and form points of various sizes. The final result should resemble flames. Add some of the flame-like fur on the right side of the leg but use smaller curved lines.


Draw Chinese Dragon 23

Step 23: Draw the other front leg by using the lines to the left of the body as guides. Follow the path of the guide as you draw the shape of the thin toe at the bottom and add a claw on the tip. Follow the line at the top to draw the other three toes and claws. The toes at the top should overlap each other somewhat because of the perspective. Most of this leg's fur isn't visible because it's on the other side of the body. Only draw a bit of it at the bottom edge.

Draw Chinese Dragon 24

Step 24: Use the lines on the far right side as guides to draw the Chinese dragon's first hind leg. Follow the path of the guides as you draw the thin toes. Add a small, curved line at the tip of each toe for the claws. Draw the thumb-like toe that points to the right by following the angled section of the guide. As you draw the top part of the leg, use some curved lines for the patch of fur at the joint. Draw the flame-like fur on the left side of the leg using wavy lines but make it smaller than the fur on the front leg.

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