Draw Chinese Dragon 10

Step 10: Follow the path of the curved guide on the left as you draw the top part of the Chinese dragon's muzzle and nose. The top of the muzzle basically consists of two curved lines. The nose is a line similar to the letter V. The V-shaped nostrils should be at the tip of the muzzle on the left. Add a small curved line to the right for structure.


Draw Chinese Dragon 11

Step 11: Follow the path of the curved guide to draw the mustache at the end of the muzzle. Make the mustache thick and bushy by drawing a series of curved spikes along the edge of the guide.

Draw Chinese Dragon 12

Step 12: Draw the whiskers by using two wavy lines at the end of the muzzle. Lightly sketch the whisker first, then darken the lines when you get the shape right. The other whiskers should start at the front of the muzzle, then extend to right under the eye. The Chinese dragon's whiskers should be wavy. You can make yours longer if you'd like.


Draw Chinese Dragon 13

Step 13: Draw the Chinese dragon's open mouth by using the curved line at the bottom as a guide. Place the shape of the open mouth a bit more inward than the guide. Make the bottom left side of the open mouth wavy to accomodate for the teeth in the next step.

Draw Chinese Dragon 14

Step 14: Draw the teeth along the path of the open mouth. The Chinese dragon's teeth should be pointy, similar to the letter V. Make them different sizes. You can draw more teeth if you'd like, but make them a bit smaller so that it doesn't look too crowded in the mouth.

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