Draw Toucan Bird 15

Step 15: Use the U- shaped line on the bottom right as a guide to draw the toucan's tail. Follow the basic path of the guide but make the top part narrower and the bottom part wider as you darken the line.


Draw Toucan Bird 16

Step 16: Draw a couple of lines under the toucan's feet to create a stick for the toucan to stand on. You can make the stick as long as you want but make sure that you don't overlap the lines for the feet.


Draw Toucan Bird 17

Step 17 (optional): For a cleaner look, erase as much as you can of the initial guide lines. Don't worry about erasing all of the guides. It's okay to leave some behind. You can also LIGHTLY erase some of the final lines so that the colors don't get too muddled with the graphite. If you accidentally erase too much of the final lines, be sure to re-draw them.


Draw Toucan Bird

Final Step (optional): Toucans are colorful birds, so instead of the usual shading, try coloring your drawing. Use black for the main part of the body. You can start lightly at first and build up to the level of darkness that you want. Leave a strip at the base of the tail blank because that section will be red. Make a few streaks along the wing lighter to represent the feather's shine. Toucans have a very rich black color on their bodies, so push down hard with your pencil to achieve this. Use black for the bird's pupil and blue for the iris.

Now for the fun part: the beak! Color the tip of the toucan's beak different shades of red, including red- orange and brown. Just add different shades of red on top of each other, pushing harder each time to blend the colors until you achieve the color you want. This will be a keel- billed toucan, but because they're so similar, you can color yours as a toco toucan. Toco toucans are easier to color. Simply color the tip of the beak black and the rest of the beak orange.

To continue with the keel-billed toucan coloration, use yellow-orange to draw a curved shape on the top beak and then add blue- green around it. Now use yellow- green for the rest of the toucan's beak, excluding the tip and the yellow- orange shape. Add a few triangle- like spiky shapes along the beak's opening using blue- green and dark blue. Use blue along the beak's opening and bottom as well to accentuate the shadows. Use yellow-green to color a streak across the top part of the head, then color the rest of the patch yellow. Use a bit of yellow- orange on the sides of the face for shadows. Leave a strip along the chest blank. Use red for the strip across the bird's chest and at the base of the tail.

Color the toucan's feet using light blue, dark blue and violet. Use dark brown, light brown and even black to color the stick under the bird's feet.

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