Draw Toucan Bird 10

Step 10: Finish the toucan's beak by first drawing the base of it on the right side, next to the eye. The base of the beak consists of a short, wavy line to the left of the eye. Now follow the basic path of the initial arc to create the bottom part of the beak. The bottom part of the bird's beak should be thinner than the top part, so draw the line a little higher as you darken it.


Draw Toucan Bird 11

Step 11: Use the intial circle as a guide to draw the bird's head. Follow the path of the circle as you use quick, short strokes to create the feathery texture on the head. Darken the line under the toucan's beak, on the left side, for that side of the neck. Add a few more small, curved lines around the eyes for extra detail on the skin. Draw a longer curved line inside the head using quick, short strokes for the separation of color. This line should start next to the beak, go above the eye and then curve down until it's outside of the initial circle.


Draw Toucan Bird 12

Step 12: Draw the right side of the toucan's wing by darkening the edges of the initial guides on the right. Now draw the tip of the folded wing using a line made up of quick, short strokes that goes in toward the body. Add the top part of the bird's wing as a broken -up, curved line that connects to the tip at the bottom.


Draw Toucan Bird 13

Step 13: Use the remaining initial lines as guides to draw the rest of the toucan's body. Darken the outer edge of the initial shapes using a series of quick, short strokes to give the bird's body a feathery texture. Continue drawing the line that separates the color in toward the body and across the chest.


Draw Toucan Bird 14

Step 14: Use the angled lines under the body as guides to draw the toucan's legs. Make the top part that's closest ot the body thick to create the feather-covered base of the leg. Follow the path of the guide but make the shape of the bird's foot thicker. Add a couple of curved lines at the end for the toes. Add the foot on the other side of the body by using the other angled line as a guide. Toucans have four toes, two pointing forward and two pointing backward, but from this angle only three are visible.

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