Draw Anglerfish 10

Step 10: Use the V-shaped line on the right as a guide to draw the anglerfish's open mouth. Simply darken the lines as you follow the path of the V. Add a few more lines around the mouth for extra detail.


Draw Anglerfish 11

Step 11: Draw the anglerfish's teeth that line the inside of the mouth. The teeth are basically long, thin triangle-like shapes. Don't overthink it. Just add the different-sized thin spikes all over the mouth.


Draw Anglerfish 12

Step 12: Add a few lines between the teeth for the far side of the jaw and inside of the anglerfish's mouth. Try not to overlap these lines with the teeth.


Draw Anglerfish 13

Step 13: Use the line on top of the head as a guide to draw the anglerfish's lure. Follow the basic path of the guide as you darken the lines and make the base thicker. Use the circle at the top as a guide to draw the tip. The actual lure is made up of a smaller circle.


Draw Anglerfish 14

Step 14: Use the lines inside the circle as guides to draw the pectoral fin. Draw the base of the fin as a short curved line. Then follow the guides to draw the rest of it. Make the left edge of the fin wavier to represent movement and add a few lines within the shape for detail.

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