Draw Pelican 10

Step 10: Using the initial lines as guides, draw the pelican's neck by using quick, short strokes to represent feathers.

Draw Pelican 11

Step 11: Draw the body using the initial oval shape as a guide. Draw a few angled lines on the left side to indicate feathers and leave a small portion near the bottom blank where the pelican's feet will go later.

Draw Pelican 12

Step 12: Draw the wing inside the body using a series of curved lines. Draw small curved lines that resemble the letter J to represent the pelican's feathers near the bottom of the wing. Draw a couple more rows of J's to add more detail to the wing.

Draw Pelican 13

Step 13: Draw the tail on the lower left side of the pelican's body. The tail is short and stubby, so only use a few curved strokes to add it. Draw a few lines on the pelican's chest for detail.

Draw Pelican 14

Step 14: Use the initial line as a guide to draw the pelican's feet. Draw around the guide, making the foot thicker, then draw the webbed toes at the end. Draw only a portion of the pelican's other foot since most of it isn't visible.

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