Draw Pelican Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.

Draw Pelican 6

Step 6: Draw the eye inside the pelican's head. The eye is very small and it resembles the shape of an over-inflated football. Draw a circle inside the football shape and shade it in for the pupil. Also draw a few lines surrounding it for extra detail.

Draw Pelican 7

Step 7: Draw the pelican's head using the initial circle as a guide. Start by using quick, short strokes to surround the eye, then continue using the strokes to create the rest of the head. The quick short stokes represent the pelican's fine feathers.

Draw Pelican 8

Step 8: Use the initial line as a guide to draw the pelican's beak. Darken the line, which becomes the lower portion of the beak. Then draw another parallel line above it to indicate the mouth. Finally draw a third parallel line above to form the top part of the pelican's beak. Draw a small bump near the front end of the beak and a small slit near the top for the nostril.

Draw Pelican 9

Step 9: Below the pelican's beak, draw the trademark pouch. Start with quick, short strokes near the head. Then attach it to the neck. The pouch is empty, so draw a few lines that indicate the folds of loose skin and then attach it to the pelican's beak.

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