Draw Rooster 10

Step 10: Draw the crest or comb on top of the rooster's head. First draw two curved lines for the sides of the comb. Then draw the curved spikes in between the sides to finish up the comb. Draw the individual spikes different lengths and thicknesses, with the longer ones being in the middle.

Draw Rooster 11

Step 11: Draw the loose skin under the rooster's beak, which is called a wattle. First lightly sketch a U-shaped arc, then darken the line and make it more angular.

Draw Rooster 12

Step 12: Draw the rest of the rooster's head using the initial circle as a guide. Draw a line around the rooster's eye for the fleshy part inside the head. Add a few shorter strokes below the eye for the detail inside the head.

Draw Rooster 13

Step 13: Use the L-shaped line at the bottom as a guide to draw the rooster's feet. Lightly sketch the shape of the leg as you follow the path of the line. Roosters have three toes that point forward and one that points backward. It also has a spur higher up on the leg. When you get the structure of the rooster's foot right, darken the lines. You can make the spur on the foot longer if you'd like. Add the talons at the end of the toes too. Now draw the rooster's foot on the other side using the first foot as a guide. LIghtly sketch the shape of the foot first to get the structure right. Then darken the lines and add the rooster's toes and the spur at the top. Draw the talons at the end of each toe as well.

Draw Rooster 14

Step 14: Draw the first part of the rooster's body using the initial shapes as guides. On the left side of the original circle, draw a curved line for the feathers that overlap and drape over the wing. Use quick, short strokes inside that shape for the detail of the fine feathers in the back.
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