Draw Lemur 10

Step 10: Draw the lemur's nose using the small circle as a guide for placement. The nose consists mainly of two lines for the nostrils. Draw a line in between them and below them for structure.

Draw Lemur 11

Step 11: Draw the lemur's mouth using the small circle as a guide. The mouth is made up of a line that starts near the eye on the left, then curves down under the nose. Draw a small line under the mouth for the chin.

Draw Lemur 12

Step 12: Use the arcs on top of the head as guides to draw the lemur's ears. Follow the path of the arcs and draw the ears using quick, short strokes for a furry look. Make the tips of the ears pointier and add a few strokes within the arc shape for the fur inside the ears.

Draw Lemur 13

Step 13: Use the original circle as a guide to draw the lemur's head. Use quick, short strokes for a fuzzy look as you follow the basic path of the circle. Make the shape of the head a bit thinner. Add a few more strokes inside the head for extra detail.

Draw Lemur 14

Step 14: Use the lines on the left as a guide to draw the lemur's front legs or arms. Lightly sketch the shape of the first leg as you follow the path of the line. When you get the structure of the leg right, darken the lines. Bend the leg at the top of the guide line to indicate where the joint is. Draw a few lines at the tip of the feet for the lemur's long digits. Draw the front foot on the other side using the same technique. Most of this foot is hiding behind the first leg, so only draw the visible portion.
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