Draw Frog 6

Step 6: Draw a couple of angled lines under the frog's body as guides for the limbs. The line on the right starts on the right side of the main circle and angles down and to the right. The line on the left starts inside the arc and zigzags toward the bottom. The final shape is similar to the letter Z.

Draw Frog Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.

Draw Frog 7

Step 7: Draw the frog's eye using the lines as guides for placement. The eye is basically a circle on the top part of the frog's head. Sketch it lightly first to get the shape right. Inside the eyeball, draw a shape similar to a football for the pupil. Add a small oval inside the pupil to represent glare. Shade in the pupil except for the glare. Add a few squiggly lines on the top and bottom of the pupil as detail for the iris. Draw the structure and skin surrounding the eyeball. Draw a curved line under the eyeball and another longer one over the eyeball. Draw an even longer curved line to the right of the eye as the structure of the eye on the other side.

Draw Frog 8

Step 8: Use the arc on the right side as a guide to draw the frog's mouth. Darken the top part of the arc and extend the line toward the inside of the head under the eye to form the mouth. Darken the bottom of the arc and extend that line too to create the jaw. Draw a smaller line for the frog's neck.

Draw Frog 9

Step 9: Draw the details inside the head by using the lines as guides for placement. Draw a tiny circle on the top part of the mouth for the nostril. Add a circle with lines around it on the lower left side of the frog's eye for the skin that covers the ear.
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