Draw Raven Bird 10

Step 10: Use the circle as a guide to draw the rest of the raven's head. Follow the path of the circle as you darken the lines. Use quick, short strokes for the feathers. Add longer strokes at the bottom for the shaggy neck feathers and smaller lines within the head for extra detail. Don't draw the long neck feathers if you are drawing a crow.

Draw Raven Bird 11

Step 11: Draw the raven's wing inside the body by lightly sketching out a curved line. When you get the shape of the wing right, darken the line. Draw a row of feathers near the middle of the wing. The feathers are lines similar to the letter J with a diagonal orientation. Draw smaller lines above that for another row of feathers.

Draw Raven Bird 12

Step 12: Draw more lines within the raven's wing for the detail of the feathers. Draw a series of long lines that are close together near the bottom of the wing.

Draw Raven Bird 13

Step 13: Draw the body and the tail by using the rest of the lines as guides. Follow the path of the initial arc as you darken the lines to create the raven's tail feathers. Leave a gap on the bottom of the body where the base of the feet will be.

Draw Raven Bird 14

Step 14: Use the lines at the bottom as guides to draw the raven's feet. Draw the base feathers at the top of the foot. Then follow the path of the line as you make the top of the foot thicker. Draw the toes at the bottom by using the flat line as a guide. Add the talons at the end of the toes. Draw the foot on the other side using the first foot as a template. Only draw the visible portion since most of it is hiding behind the foot in the front.
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