Draw Cougar Cat 10

Step 10: Add the nose inside the cougar's muzzle by first lightly drawing a small triangle. Bend the top of the nose as you darken the line and draw a small arc on each side for the nostrils. Shade in the nostrils and draw two lines on top of the nose that point toward the eyes.

Draw Cougar Cat 11

Step 11: Draw the cougar's mouth below the nose as a line that splits into two. Draw the sides of the muzzle by using the small circle as a guide. Draw the chin at the bottom by using the lower portion of the small circle as a guide. Draw a few whiskers using quick strokes.

Draw Cougar Cat 12

Step 12: Use the arcs on the head as guides to draw the cougar's ears. Darken the lines and make them curvier. Draw quick, short strokes inside to indicate the fur.

Draw Cougar Cat 13

Step 13: Use the original circle as a guide to draw the rest of the cougar's head. Draw the left side of the face closer to the eye and the muzzle. Draw the jaw on the lower right side as you follow the path of the circle. Draw a few quick, short strokes inside the cougar's head to represent the detail on the fur.

Draw Cougar Cat 14

Step 14: Using the lines on the left as guides, draw the cougar's front legs. Lightly sketch out the shape of the first leg as you follow the path of the line. When you get the structure right, darken the lines. Bend the lines forward where the joints are. Draw the paws at the bottom by adding a couple of curved lines for the toes. Draw the leg on the other side by using the other line as a guide. Sketch lightly at first and darken the lines when you get the shape right. Draw the cougar's toes at the bottom.
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