Draw Gecko Lizard Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.

Draw Gecko Lizard 6

Step 6: Draw the eye on the top left part of the circle. The shape of the eye is similar to an oval that comes to a point on the left side. Add a long, thin line in the middle of the gecko's eye for the pupil. Draw a small circle on top to represent glare. Add curved lines to the sides for the actual eyeball. Draw many random squiggly lines on the either side of the pupil for the gecko's iris. Shade in the eye except for the glare and a small space on either side of the pupil. Notice that the top part of the gecko's eye is a darker value than the bottom. Draw a few lines above and below the eye for the ridge that is around it. Draw the visible portion of the eye on the other side by drawing a few curved lines on top of the gecko's head.

Draw Gecko Lizard 7

Step 7: Draw the gecko's muzzle using the initial arc as a guide. Darken the sides of the arc and make them a bit thinner. Draw a wavy line that extends to the right, below the eye. Draw a small circle above it for the nostril.

Draw Gecko Lizard 8

Step 8: Finish the rest of the gecko's head by using the initial circle as a guide. Draw a few wavy lines under the mouth for the detail on the gecko's throat. Draw a crescent-like shape on the right side for the ear opening.

Draw Gecko Lizard 9

Step 9: Using the lines as guides, draw the gecko's front feet. Lightly sketch the shape of the foot as you follow the path of the line. When you get the structure right, darken the lines. The lines on top overlap to indicate the top of the foot coming forward. Draw the digits at the end by drawing a few curved lines that come to a point. Draw the foot on the other side using the same technique. Draw lightly at first and darken when you get the structure right. Draw the pointy digits at the bottom.

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