Draw Grizzly Bear 10

Step 10: Use the oval as a guide to draw the rest of the bear's muzzle around the nose. Draw a dark line under the nose for the mouth. Follow the path of the oval as you draw using quick, short strokes to create the sides and top of the bear's muzzle. The top of the muzzle should extend up toward the eye. Draw a few quick, short strokes at the bottom for the chin.

Draw Grizzly Bear 11

Step 11: Use the arcs on the head as guides to draw the ears. First draw quick, short strokes at the bottom of the arcs for the base of the bear's ears. Then add more strokes as you follow the path of the arc for the actual ears. Draw more strokes within the shape for the fuzzy inner ear.

Draw Grizzly Bear 12

Step 12: Use the original circle as a guide to draw the rest of the head. Use quick, short strokes throughout to represent fur. Follow the path of the original circle to create the sides of the bear's face. Add quick, short strokes to the outside of the circle for the actual head and neck.

Draw Grizzly Bear 13

Step 13: Using the lines and ovals as guides, draw the bear's front paws. First draw the digits using tiny lines at the bottom of the oval. Then draw even smaller lines at the end for the claws. Draw a small line on the upper right side of the paw so it looks like it's bending over the arm. Draw the rest of the arm that connects to the bear's head and neck. Draw the paw on the right the same way. Start with the digits at the bottom. Then add the pointy claws at the top and the folded-over portion on top. Finish up the arm by connecting the neck to the paw.

Draw Grizzly Bear 14

Step 14: Use the circle at the bottom as a guide to draw the lower part of the bear's body. Draw quick, short strokes along the sides of the circle and draw a few more strokes at the top near the arms for the chest.

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