Draw Elephant 10

Step 10: Use the guide line to draw the elephant's tusk and mouth. Simply thicken the line and end it at a point. Draw the folds of skin at the base of it and the bottom lip next to it.

Draw Elephant 11

Step 11: Use the guide line to draw the elephant's trunk. The trunk shouldn't be smooth. Draw it with a few bumps all around. Draw a few lines on it to represent the elephant's folds and wrinkles. Draw the tip of the tusk that's hiding behind the trunk too.

Draw Elephant 12

Step 12: Using the initial arc as a guide, draw the ear. This is an African elephant so draw the ear big. Give it an angled shape so it doesn't look so round. Draw a few lines at the base of it to represent inner structure.

Draw Elephant 13

Step 13: Draw the rest of the elephant's head using the remaining guides.

Draw Elephant 14

Step 14: Draw the elephant's front legs using the lines as guides. Draw all around the guides using bumpy lines. Elephants have wide feet, so make the bottom part bulge out and draw a few arcs for the nails. Draw some finishing wrinkles at the joint and move on to the other leg. Draw the next leg in the same way. Don't forget the elephant's wide feet!

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