Draw Barn Owl 10

Step 10: Draw a small, pointy, angular shape under the feathers for the barn owl's beak.

Draw Barn Owl 11

Step 11: Draw the barn owl's heart-shaped face using the main circle and lines as guides. Start at the top of the guide line and follow the inner path of the circle as you draw the feathers. Use quick, short strokes to draw the line for a fluffy texture and stay inside the main circle. The end should be similar to a heart with a rounded bottom instead of pointy.

Draw Barn Owl 12

Step 12: Draw the outer layer of the barn owl's face using a the heart shape as a guide. Simply follow the path and make the heart thicker by adding darker, curvier lines on the outside.

Draw Barn Owl 13

Step 13: Draw the barn owl's head using the main circle as a guide. Widen the top portion of the head and make the lines darker.

Draw Barn Owl 14

Step 14: Use the lines at the bottom as guides to draw the feet. Follow the path of the longest line and make the top part of the leg thicker. Use quick, short strokes for the barn owl's feathers. Thicken the remaining lines at the bottom to create the toes. At the end of each toe, draw a pointy curved line for the talons. Owls have two toes that point forward and two that point back. Only draw the toes that are visible and not hiding behind the leg. Draw the leg on the other side. Most of it is hiding behind the first leg, so only draw the visible portion.

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