Draw Zebra 10

Step 10: Use the arc on the head as a guide to draw the ear. Make the ear thinner and pointier.

Draw Zebra 11

Step 11: Draw the rest of the zebra's head using the circle and arc as guides. Draw a bump over the eye for the brow and a couple underneath for the jaw.

Draw Zebra 12

Step 12: Draw the mane along the top of the zebra's neck and head. A zebra's mane stands straight up, but don't draw every individual hair strand. Instead draw the basic shape of it using quick, short strokes.

Draw Zebra 13

Step 13: Using the line as a guide, draw the zebra's front legs. Draw lightly at first to get the structure right. When you're happy with what you have, go ahead and darken it. The top of the leg is thicker and the bottom is thinner. Draw a couple of bumps near the middle for the zebra's knee. Draw a couple more bumps near the bottom for the lower joint and draw a square-like shape below that for the zebra's hoof. Use the same shape to draw the leg on the other side. Most of it is hiding behind the zebra's front leg, so only draw the visible portion.

Draw Zebra 14

Step 14: Use the other line as a guide to draw the zebra's hind legs the same way. Remember to start drawing lightly and only darken when you get the structure right. The top of the hind leg is wider, and it bends back at the hock joint. Draw the square-like hoof at the bottom. Draw the visible portion of the leg on the other side using the same basic shape.
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