Draw Cow 10

Step 10: Use the U- shaped line as a guide to draw the cow's mouth, which is made up of two curved horizontal lines.

Draw Cow 11

Step 11: Draw the cow's ears by using the arcs on the sides as guides. Curve the lines more as you darken the cow's ears to give them more shape. Draw a few more lines within them for extra detail.

Draw Cow 12

Step 12: Use the remaining lines as guides to finish the rest of the head. Use quick, short strokes at the top and make the sides of the cow's face more narrow.

Draw Cow 13

Step 13: Using the line as a guide, draw the cow's front legs. Draw lightly at first to get the structure right. When you're happy with what you have, go ahead and darken it. The cow's leg is thick on top and thin at the bottom. Be sure to draw a few bumps along the way to represent joints and the cow's hooves at the bottom. Draw the cow's leg on the other side the same way. A lot of it is hidden behind the cow's front leg, so only draw the visible portion.

Draw Cow 14

Step 14: Use the other line as a guide to draw the cow's hind legs the same way as the front legs. Remember to draw the leg lightly at first, then darken it when you have the structure right. The hind legs are thicker at the base and angle back more. Don't forget the cow's hooves at the bottom! Draw the leg on the other side using the same technique and leave a space between the top of the leg and the body for the cow's udder.

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