How to Draw a Lady Gouldian Rainbow Finch Bird 15

Step 15: Darken the thin shape on the lower, right side for the tail. Make the bottom edge wavier. The base of the bird's tail should be wide. Add a wavy line inside for feathers.

How to Draw a Lady Gouldian Rainbow Finch Bird 16

Step 16: Draw a curved line that's made up of short strokes inside the head for the pattern on the feathers. Draw a second curved line on the left side of the neck for more of the pattern. Draw a long, wavy, curved line across the chest to finish with the Gouldian finch's feather pattern.

How to Draw a Lady Gouldian Rainbow Finch Bird 17

Step 17: Draw two sloping lines under the feet for a branch. Don't overlap the bird's feet as you draw the branch. On the right, draw a circle that's made up of jagged lines for the end of the branch.

How to Draw a Lady Gouldian Rainbow Finch Bird 18

Step 18: Go over the final sketch lines with a pen, marker or any other type of permanent ink. Take your time and be careful when you ink to avoid any accidents. After inking, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser for a cleaner drawing of a Gouldian finch.

How to Draw a Lady Gouldian Rainbow Finch Bird

Final Step: Color your Gouldian finch drawing! Use a mixture of light brown, dark brown and peach to color the beak. Use dark brown and black for the bird's eye. Don't overlap the tiny highlight circle as you color. Use black for the throat and along the edge of the pattern on the head. Blend dark brown, brown, red and red-orange for the head. Use dark colors at the bottom and light ones at the top. Color lightly at first and slowly blend the colors and build up the level of darkness.

Use a mixture of light blue and dark blue for the section to the right of the black band. Use a mixture of dark green and light green for the back and the folded wing. Use dark blue and light blue for the top part of the tail. Use dark green along the lower edge of the bird's wing. Gouldian finches have a variety of color patterns, so you can color your bird differently if you'd like.

Use dark blue and violet for the lower part of the chest and light purple and pink for the top part. Blend the colors slowly. Coloring like this can be time-consuming, so be patient and take breaks. Use orange, yellow-orange, yellow and brown to color the lower half of the bird's body. Use light brown and yellow-orange along the bottom edge of the body for shadows. It's a good idea to use reference as you draw for a more accurate depiction of a Gouldian finch.

Use light gray for the shadows on the tail and dark brown for the shadows on the feet and branch. Use peach for the main part of the feet. Use streaks of light brown and dark brown for the branch. If you have a pet Gouldian finch or a similar variety, try to duplicate its color pattern on your drawing. Don't forget to pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace.

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