How to Draw Accurate Feathered Velociraptor 10

Step 10: Darken the initial top arc to create the shape of the muzzle. Stretch the bottom line toward the inside of the head, past the eye for the long open mouth. Draw a line inside the muzzle, near the open mouth, for a wrinkle and a smaller line at the top for the nostril. Draw a series of small, V-shaped lines along the bottom edge for the top row of teeth.

How to Draw Accurate Feathered Velociraptor 11

Step 11: Use the arc on the bottom as a guide to draw the dino's lower jaw. Follow the basic path of the guide but make the lower jaw a bit thinner when you darken the line. Draw a long, sloping line inside the shape for the lower part of the velociraptor's open mouth. Add a small line on the left side.

How to Draw Accurate Feathered Velociraptor 12

Step 12: Draw a couple of curved lines inside the mouth for the velociraptor's tongue. Draw a series of small, triangular shapes along the bottom for teeth. Add some teeth behind the tongue too.

How to Draw Accurate Feathered Velociraptor 13

Step 13: Above the eye, draw a curved line that's made up of short strokes for the dinosaur's thick, feathery brow. Draw short strokes along the top edge of the guides for the feathers on the head. Nobody is exactly sure what velociraptors looked like, so you can draw longer or shorter feathers if you'd like. Draw a few short strokes below the eye for the area where feathers meet the skin. Add more strokes on the muzzle for structure and for more feathers and skin. Along the bottom, draw short strokes that curve to the left and then up for the feathery lower jaw.

How to Draw Accurate Feathered Velociraptor 14

Step 14: Draw the top edge of the wing along the path of the initial angled guide line in the middle. Draw the small digit around the short guide line. On the tip of the digit, draw a curved, spiky shape for the dino's claw. Follow the bottom part of the guide to draw the curved part of the wing. Draw a series of thin, curved shapes on the left side for the feathers. Make the shapes of the feathers shorter the farther up you draw them. The velociraptor's feathers should curve closer to the right at the top and almost meet the other side of the wing.

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