Draw Koala Sketch

That's it for the initial sketch! From this point on, press harder with your pencil to get a more defined sketch.

Draw Koala 6

Step 6: Draw the koala's eyes inside the head using the lines as guides for placement. The shape of the koala's eye is similar to an oval with pointed ends. Draw a small circle inside each eye to represent glare. Koalas' pupils are slits like cats' pupils, so draw a slit in each eye. Shade in the rest of the eye for extra detail.

Draw Koala 7

Step 7: Draw the koala's nose where the two lines intersect. First draw the nostrils as two diagonal slits. Then draw the top of the nose using quick, short strokes to represent fur.

Draw Koala 8

Step 8: Draw the koala's mouth underneath the nose. The mouth is a line under the nose that splits in two. Then draw the round chin underneath using quick, short strokes to represent fur.

Draw Koala 9

Step 9: Use the initial curved lines as guides to draw the ears. Koalas' ears are very furry, so go around the guide lines using quick, short strokes. Draw more strokes within the shapes to represent the openings of the koala's ears.

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