How to Draw Eastern Western Bluebird Bird 20

Step 20: Go over the final sketch lines with a pen, marker or any other type of permanent ink. Take your time and be careful when you ink to avoid any accidents. After inking, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser for a cleaner drawing.

How to Draw Eastern Western Bluebird Bird Color

Final Step: Color your bluebird drawing! Use blue on the head and top part of the body and tail. Color lightly at first and gradually build up to the level of darkness that you like. Use dark blue and light blue to emphasize the bird's feathers. Slowly build up the color by lightly adding different shades of blue together. Use dark blue to outline the individual feathers and light blue for the highlights. You can also use purple throughout the blue for a wider variety of color. Slowly mix the colors together, pushing a bit harder each time to blend them. Coloring this way is time-consuming, so be patient and take breaks. For an easier bluebird drawing, simply use one coat of blue instead of mixing all the shades of blue together.

Use dark brown to color the bluebird's beak and eyes. Add a bit of yellow along the opening of the beak. Lightly color the neck, chest and part of the body yellow-orange. Just like with the blue section, slowly blend different shades of orange and yellow in the lower section. Use a blend of yellow, yellow-orange, orange and red-orange. Use brown to create shadows and for short strokes that create a feathery texture. It's a good idea to use reference as you draw and color for a more accurate bluebird.

Use gray along the bottom of the bird's body to create shadows and give the figure more dimension and volume. Color the feet using a mixture of brown, dark brown and gray. Use light brown for the branch and dark brown for the shadows and texture on the branch. Don't forget to pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace.

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