Draw Stegosaurus 10

Step 10: Using the lines as guides, draw the stegosaurus' front legs. Draw lightly at first. When you like what you have, go ahead and darken it. Bend the leg near the top. Draw three toes at the bottom. The other two toes are not visible because they're on the other side. Draw a few lines at the top of the stegosaurus' leg to indicate folds of skin. Draw the leg on the other side the same way. Draw lightly at first to get the structure right, then darken it. Don't forget the stegosaurus' toes!

Draw Stegosaurus 11

Step 11: Now use the other lines as guides to draw the stegosaurus' hind legs. Remember to sketch lightly at first. The hind legs are a lot bigger than the front legs. Draw the leg wider on top and narrow at the bottom. The stegosaurus' hind legs only have three toes, but only draw the two that are visible. Use the same technique to draw the hind leg on the other side.

Draw Stegosaurus 12

Step 12: Draw the first row of plates along the top part of the stegosaurus' body. The shape of the plates is similar to a pentagon. The plate directly above the hind legs is the biggest, so start with that one. Draw five more plates to the left of the first. They should get smaller as they get closer to the stegosaurus' head. Don't draw the plates too perfect. Give them different bumps and curves. Draw three more plates to the right of the biggest. Draw lightly at first before darkening the shapes.

Draw Stegosaurus 13

Step 13: Draw the second row of plates on the other side hiding behind the first row. When drawing this row of plates, follow the same basic size as the first row of plates. Because they're hiding on the other side, only draw the visible portion. You should end up with a total of seventeen plates on your stegosaurus.

Draw Stegosaurus 14

Step 14: Using a few curved lines at the end of the stegosaurus' tail, draw the four defensive spikes. Draw the spikes long and narrrow with a slight curve.

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