How to Draw an Alpaca Llama 10

Step 10: Inside the head, lightly sketch the alpaca's eye as a small oval. Use the initial lines as guides for placement. When you get the size and position of the eye right, darken the lines but make the sides pointier. Draw a couple of curved lines inside for the eyeball and around the eye for the eyelids. Inside the eye, draw a tiny circle to represent glare. Shade the rest of the eye. Use a dark value to shade the alpaca's eye and don't overlap the tiny glare circle.


How to Draw an Alpaca Llama 11

Step 11: Inside the muzzle circle, near the left edge, draw a small, V-shaped line for the nose. Above the V-shaped line, on the left, draw a wavy line for the bridge of the nose. Use the initial construction lines as guides to help you place the alpaca's nose. Add a few short strokes around the nose for a bit of fur.



How to Draw an Alpaca Llama 12

Step 12: Under the nose, draw a line that curves to the right for the first part of the mouth. This line should almost touch the right edge of the circle for the muzzle. Add a curved line on the left side to finish the shape of the upper lip. At the bottom, draw a curved line that's parallel to the initial circle for the alpaca's chin.


How to Draw an Alpaca Llama 13

Step 13: Use the curved lines on top of the head as guides to draw the alpaca's ears. Draw short strokes along the arc for a fuzzy texture. The bottom part of the ear on the right should come into the head. Add some strokes inside the arc for the furry ear opening. Draw the alpaca's other ear the same way.



How to Draw an Alpaca Llama 14

Step 14: Draw a series of short strokes along the path of the big circle to create the top part of the head. On the left side, curve the strokes in toward the muzzle to create the alpaca's fluffy forehead. Draw a series of short strokes across the head, above the eye, for the wool spilling over from the forehead. On the left side, curve the wool downward below the ear so that it touches the initial construction line.

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