How to Draw a Grizzly Brown Bear Head Portrait Guide Lines

That's it for the guides! From this point on, press harder with your pencil for a more defined drawing.


How to Draw a Grizzly Brown Bear Head Portrait 6

Step 6: Lightly sketch the eyes inside the head as two small circles. The grizzly bear's eyes should be sitting on top of the horizontal guide line and on either side of the vertical guide line. When you get the position and size of the eyes right, darken the lines.

As you darken the shapes of the eyes, make the sides a bit pointier. Add a couple of curved lines around each eye for a bit of bare skin. Add a few short strokes too to represent the fur around the eyes. Notice how small the grizzly bear's eyes are in relation to the massive head.



How to Draw a Grizzly Brown Bear Head Portrait 7

Step 7: Inside each eye, off to the side, draw a tiny circle to represent glare. In the middle of each eye, draw a dot for the pupils. Now shade in the rest of the grizzly bear's eyes. As you shade, use a value that's lighter than the pupils. Don't overlap the tiny glare circles. To give the eye a rounder look, use a dark value at the top and gradually make it lighter toward the bottom.


How to Draw a Grizzly Brown Bear Head Portrait 8

Step 8: Lightly sketch a small circle inside the muzzle for the nose. The nose should be near the left side of the muzzle. Pay attention to its size. When you get the size and position of the grizzly bear's nose right, darken the lines. Curve the left side of the line inward and add a small oval for the first nostril.

Add another small oval on the right for the other nostril. Curve the right side of the oval outward to create the side of the grizzly bear's nose. Darken the top edge of the circle. Darken the bottom edge of the nose. Add a small, vertical line inside near the bottom. Use a series of short strokes along the edges to represent fur.



How to Draw a Grizzly Brown Bear Head Portrait 9

Step 9: Draw a sloping line from the nose to the eye on the left for the top of the grizzly bear's muzzle. Use the initial lines as guide to help you position the top of the muzzle. Under the nose, draw a long, horizontal line for the mouth. Sketch the line lightly at first. The right side should curve up slightly but stay within the initial circle. The left side of the line should curve up toward the nose. Darken the line using short strokes for fur.

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