Draw Bobcat 10

Step 10: Draw the bobcat's nose below the area where the two guide lines intersect. The shape of this animal's nose is similar to an upside-down triangle with rounded corners and shaded circles on the sides for nostrils.

Draw Bobcat 11

Step 11: Draw the bobcat's muzzle using the small circle as a guide. Using quick, short strokes to represent fur, draw a line below the nose that splits in two and follows the sides of the circle. Then draw a curved line underneath for this wild cat's chin.

Draw Bobcat 12

Step 12: On each side of the bobcat's muzzle, draw whiskers by using quick strokes.

Draw Bobcat 13

Step 13: Draw the bobcat's ears by using the triangles as guides. Make the sides of the ear rounder and draw some lines within them for structure. At the tip of each ear, draw a small tuft of fur.

Draw Bobcat 14

Step 14: Use the big circle as a guide to draw the rest of the animal's head. Use quick, short strokes to represent the bobcat's shaggy fur on the sides and bottom of the face.
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