Draw White Tailed Deer 10

Step 10:Use the initial shapes as a guide to draw the deer's ears. Use quick, short strokes in and around the ear to give it more structure.

Draw White Tailed Deer 11

Step 11: Use the initial guides as a base for drawing the deer's antlers. The initial lines act as the bottom of the antlers, so just draw a few more spikes on top. It's a good idea to have reference to get the shape of the deer's antlers just right. Draw the right antler the same way, except make it curve a bit more. Draw slowly and pause the video to get the correct shape of the deer's antlers.


Draw White Tailed Deer 12

Step 12: Use the triangle as a guide to draw the rest of the white-tailed deer's head.

Draw White Tailed Deer 13

Step 13: Use the initial line to draw the deer's front leg. Sketch the leg in lightly at first, then darken it when you're satisfied with what you have. Use curved lines to bend the leg and draw bumps at the joints. Draw the white-tailed deer's hoof at the bottom. The deer's left leg is hidden behind the right leg, so only draw the visible part.


Draw White Tailed Deer 14

Step 14: Use the guides again to draw the deer's hind legs. Use the same technique: lightly at first, then darker. Draw the legs thick at the top and taper them down toward the hooves.

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