How to Draw Wyvern Dragon Wings Flying 6

Step 6: Make a small mark on the lower, left side of the first circle. Now connect the mark to the circle using curved lines to create a big arc. This arc is the guide for the lower half of the wyvern's body.


How to Draw Wyvern Dragon Wings Flying 7

Step 7: At the top of the body, draw a couple of long, angled lines as guides for the first part of the wyvern's dragon-like wings. The longer these lines are, the bigger the wings will be. The line on the right should be shorter because the neck will be blocking the bottom half.


How to Draw Wyvern Dragon Wings Flying 8

Step 8: Starting at the top of the line on the left, draw a long, curved vertical line for the rest of the wing. Wyverns are mythical creatures, kind of like dragons, so you can make the wings as long or as short as you want. Remember to shade lightly at first so that it's easy to erase if you make a mistake. On the left, draw another long, curved line to finish the guide for this wing.


How to Draw Wyvern Dragon Wings Flying 9

Step 9: Draw a couple of similar lines on the right side as guides for the other wing. These two lines should be closer together than the lines on the right because of the angle of the wyvern's body. The shapes of these lines should be similar to an upside- down letter V.


How to Draw Wyvern Dragon Wings Flying 10

Step 10: Below the body, draw a U-shaped line as a guide for the wyvern's first leg. Don't draw this line too big. It should be small relative to the body and wings. Under the U- shaped line, draw a rectangular shape as a guide for the foot.

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