How to Draw Cute Cat Kitten Head Face Portrait 5

Step 5: Draw two small circles inside the head for the eyes. Place the kitten's eyes on top of the horizontal line and on either side of the vertical line. If you're having trouble drawing these smaller circles, trace the edge of a coin. Sketch lightly at first, and then darken the lines when you get the shapes right. Pay attention to the distance between the eyes and the construction lines, head and muzzle. Add a dark pointy tip on either side of each circle for the corners of the eyes.


How to Draw Cute Cat Kitten Head Face Portrait 6

Step 6: Draw a curved line around each eye for extra detail on the fur. These curved lines should be made up of short strokes for a fur- like texture. Don't draw these lines too far away from the eyes; they should be close to the edges. On the inner edge of each eye, draw a couple of lines that slope down toward the kitten's muzzle.


How to Draw Cute Cat Kitten Head Face Portrait 7

Step 7: Draw a small oval inside each eye for the kitten's pupils. You can also draw thin slits for the pupils or a big circle for dilated pupils. Shade in the pupils using a dark value. On the side of each pupil, draw a tiny circle to represent glare.


How to Draw Cute Cat Kitten Head Face Portrait 8

Step 8: Lightly sketch a small triangle inside the muzzle for the kitten's nose. Draw the triangle right on top of the vertical construction line, close to the top of the muzzle. When you get the shape and placement of the nose right, darken the lines. Darken the sides of the triangle but make the lines thicker and curve them inward to create the nostrils. Darken the bottom of the triangle and add a short vertical line at the tip. Use a series of tiny strokes to darken the furry top part of the nose. Draw a series of short strokes above the nose that lead up to the eyes.


How to Draw Cute Cat Kitten Head Face Portrait 9

Step 9: Draw the kitten's mouth under the nose using a series of lines. Draw a series of short strokes under the nose that curve to the left to form the first part of the mouth. Now draw the other half of the mouth using short strokes that curve to the right. Now use the initial circle as a guide to draw the rest of the muzzle. Draw short strokes along the bottom and sides of the circle to form the chin and sides of the muzzle. The sides of the kitten's muzzle should be on the outside of the initial circle. Draw a series of dashes and dots above the mouth for the base of the whiskers.

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