How to Draw Cute Cartoon Deer Antlers 16

Step 16: To the right of the first leg, draw a curved, horizontal line for the belly. On the top, right side, draw a couple of short, curved lines that come to a point for the deer's tail.


How to Draw Cute Cartoon Deer Antlers 17

Step 17: Add the deer's hind leg by first drawing a curved line under the tail. Now draw a longer, sloping line to the right of the belly. This is the top part of the hind leg. For the bottom section of the leg, draw a thinner, vertical shape below. Bend it a bit at the bottom.

How to Draw Cute Cartoon Deer Antlers 18

Step 18: Use the first hind leg as a template to draw the deer's other hind leg the same way.


How to Draw Cute Cartoon Deer Antlers 19

Step 19: Using a pen or marker, carefully go over the lines to make your deer drawing permanent. After inking, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser.



How to Draw Cute Cartoon Deer Antlers

Final Step: Color your deer drawing using color pencils, markers or even crayons! For this color scheme, color the body brown but leave the outlined sections blank. Color the antlers and the eye dark brown. Use light brown for the rest of the blank sections, except the deer's hooves. Color the bottom s of the legs black for the hooves.

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