How to Draw Cute Budige Budgerigar Parakeet Bird Color Blue 15

Step 15: Erase as much as you can of the initial guide lines. You can also LIGHTLY erase some of the final lines so that the colors don't get too muddled with the graphite in the next step. Re-draw any final sketch lines you may have accidentally erased.


How to Draw Cute Budige Budgerigar Parakeet Bird Color Blue

Final Step: Color your budgie drawing! Use black or dark brown for the iris. Use pink, peach and light brown for the cere and beak. Use light brown for shadow and a bit more pink on the cere and blend in the colors. Use the same color for the feet. Add the colors lightly at first, then gradually push harder to blend them. For the stick, use light brown along the bottom and light brown with a bit of yellow on top.

Use black to draw a series of lines that extend from the parakeet's eye toward the back of the head. Young budgies have stripes all the way down the forehead. Add a few spots under the eye for the cheek patches. Draw the stripes down on the bird's wings too. Follow the shape of the wing as you add the stripes. Budgies have different stripe patterns, so yours don't have to look exactly like this. Draw longer, vertical stripes on the bottom of the wing. Use dark blue to emphasize the stripes.

Use dark blue to lightly add a base coat to the entire budgie except on the budgie's wing and head. Add a few spots on the tips of the tail feathers using black. Now add different shades of blue on top of each other on the body. Use blue, light blue, dark blue, sky blue and even a bit of purple! Add the colors lightly at first, then darken them and blend them together until you're happy with the shade of blue.

Use a bit of gray on the wing and on the bottom part of the body to create shadows. The key to coloring is to lightly add the colors on top of each other , gradually blending them together. Add some gray above the beak to create the shadow under the forehead. Continue adding as much blue as you'd like. Add a bit of yellow to the white for highlights. If you have a pet budgie, try to duplicate its pattern on your drawing. Remember to pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace.

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