Draw Gray Wolf 10

Step 10: Using the lines as guides, draw the rest of the head and muzzle. Again, just around the lines using quick, short strokes for the fur. The gray wolf's mouth stretches inside toward the circle, as does the chin below it.

Draw Gray Wolf 11

Step 11: Use the lines as guides to draw the wolf's hind legs. Use quick, short strokes and make the leg thicker at the top. Bend the leg at the joints and draw the paws with small claws at the bottom. Do the same to the visible portion of the other hind leg. Don't forget the paws!

Draw Gray Wolf 12

Step 12: Draw the wolf's front legs using the same technique. Use quick, short strokes that surround the guide line and bend the leg at the joints. Do the same thing to the visible portion of the other front leg.

Draw Gray Wolf 13

Step 13: Draw the gray wolf's tail by using quick, short strokes that go around the guide line.

Draw Gray Wolf 14

Step 14: Draw the rest of the wolf's body using the lines as guides. Slightly longer strokes throughout the body make a shaggy winter coat.

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