How to Draw Dragon Flying Fire Wings Flames 25

Step 25: Draw a couple more long, thin, curved shapes where the sections bend for the second part of the wings. These are the segments that are going to hold the skin that makes up the dragon's wings. The lowest segment should have more of a diagonal orientation. They should all be pointy at the end.

Draw two more of these segments pointing in the opposite direction on the right side for the other wing. Draw lightly at first so that it's easy to erase if you make a mistake. Darken the lines only when you get the shape right.


How to Draw Dragon Flying Fire Wings Flames 26

Step 26: Draw a curved line that connects each of the thin, long segments to finish the dragon's wings. The curved line at the bottom should have more of a horizontal orientation. Don't overlap the head. Draw the lines on the right too. The line at the bottom should be long , and it should connect to the body.


How to Draw Dragon Flying Fire Wings Flames 27

Step 27: Darken the wavy lines on the right side to create the shape of the dragon's tail. Draw a series of triangle-like shapes that gradually get smaller along the top edge of the tail for spikes. Draw another triangle-like shape at the end for the arrow-like tip of the tail.


How to Draw Dragon Flying Fire Wings Flames 28

Step 28: For a cleaner look, erase as much as you can of the initial guide lines. Don't worry about erasing all of the guides. It's okay to leave some behind. Re-draw any final sketch lines you may have accidentally erased.


How to Draw Dragon Flying Fire Wings Flames

Final Step: Add some shading to your dragon drawing to give it more dimension and volume. Pick the direction of the light source when shading so that the shadows are consistent with it. We're going to be adding flames to the mouth later, so in this case, the shadows will mainly be on the right, away from the mouth. Vary the pressure on your pencil to get different degrees of tonal value.

You can add even more value throughout your fire-breathing dragon drawing for extra detail. Use a series of tiny, squiggly lines all over the body to represent the skin's rough, scaly texture. Use horizontal lines on the chest. Don't overthink the squiggly lines. Just add them randomly all over the body to create texture. Because dragons are mythical creatures, you can shade yours any way you want. You can add stripes, spots or even color it!

To create the flame coming from the dragon's mouth, draw a few of thick columns with a diagonal orientation. Use a medium value. Add more value at the bottom for smoke and small shapes for debris. Lightly erase a bit of the mouth to emphasize the fire. You can add more value throughout the body for extra detail on the shadows. Shading can be time-consuming, so be patient and take breaks. Don't forget to pause the video to draw at your own pace.

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