Draw Funny Goofy Cartoon Horse 16

Step 16: Draw the final leg to the left of the hind leg. The horse's body is blocking the top part of this hind leg, so only draw the bottom section.


Draw Funny Goofy Cartoon Horse 17

Step 17: On the top, right side of the body, draw a series of curved lines for the horse's tail. Add a couple of curved spikes on the right for the tips of the tail hair. It's best to draw the shape of the tail as a single clump rather than drawing each individual hair strand.


Draw Funny Goofy Cartoon Horse 18

Step 18: Using a pen or marker, carefully go over the lines to make your cartoon horse drawing permanent. After inking, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser.


Draw Funny Goofy Cartoon Horse

Final Step: Color your cartoon horse drawing using color pencils, markers or even crayons! Use dark brown for the mane, tail and a bit on the middle section of the legs. Use light brown for the rest of the horse's body, except for the muzzle and the bottom part of the legs. Horses have different coats, so you can color yours differently if you'd like. Add some yellow to the muzzle. Use black for the hooves but leave a stripe blank to represent shine.

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