How to Draw a Cute Shih Tzu Puppy Dog 10

Step 10: Draw the shih tzu's nose inside the muzzle, at the top, by first lightly sketching a small oval. When you get the size and placement of the nose right, darken the lines. Darken the top part of the oval, then curve the sides inward to form the dog's nostrils. Make the shape of the nostrils bigger and add a small dividing line between them. Add a curved line under the dividing line and a V-shaped, pointy line under that.


How to Draw a Cute Shih Tzu Puppy Dog 11

Step 11: Use the small circle as a guide to draw the dog's muzzle. Start by drawing a series of quick, short strokes over the top of the nose for the fuzzy fur found there. The strokes should follow the path of the top of the nose. Don't make them too long or they'll block the eyes later. Now follow the path of the initial circle as you draw the longer hair on the sides.

Right under the shih tzu's nose, start adding more strokes that curve to the right and down for the fur on the upper lip. Now connect the strokes for the top lip to the strokes on the sides. Make the strokes at the bottom longer. Draw the fur on the left side of the mouth the same way. Use long strokes on the bottom of the sides and short strokes at the top.


How to Draw a Cute Shih Tzu Puppy Dog 12

Step 12: Draw a long, curved horizontal line under the furry lip for a bit of the dog's tongue sticking out. Add some strokes on the right for fur. If you don't want the shih tzu's tongue sticking out, just add some short strokes under the lip.


How to Draw a Cute Shih Tzu Puppy Dog 13

Step 13: Above the shih tzu's muzzle, lightly sketch the eyeballs as two small circles. Use the initial construction lines as guides for the placement and size of the eyeballs. The eye on the left should be smaller because of the angle. It should also be partially blocked by the fur.

When you get the size and shape of the eyeballs right, darken the lines. As you darken the lines, make the sides of the eyes a bit pointier. Add a series of quick, short strokes above the dog's eyes for the furry brows. Add a few strokes on the sides and bottom too for the fur around the eyes.


How to Draw a Cute Shih Tzu Puppy Dog 14

Step 14: Inside each eye, near the top, draw a tiny circle to represent glare. Now shade the eyeballs except for the tiny circle. Use a light value at first, then increase the pressure on your pencil to get the level of darkness that you want. Use a darker value near the middle of each eyeball for the pupils. The top part of the dog's eyeballs should be darker than the bottom for a rounder look. The overall value for the eyes should be pretty dark. Don't overlap the fur when you shade the shih tzu's eye on the left.

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