Draw Tiger 15

Step 15: Now for the fun part: Draw the tiger stripes! Draw them as thick, dark lines around the face. Draw a long, narrow shape and shade it in. Use symmetry when drawing the stripes. Whatever you draw on one side, try to do on the other. It's a good idea to have some reference when drawing the stripes for accuracy.

Draw Tiger 16

Step 16: Draw the tiger's front legs using the initial lines as guides. Draw the leg by surrounding the line using quick, short strokes to make it furry. Draw lightly at first. When you like what you have, go ahead and darken it.

Draw Tiger 17

Step 17: Draw the tiger's hind legs using the same technique. Surround the line by sketching lightly at first. Then darken it using quick, short strokes.

Draw Tiger 18

Step 18: Use the initial lines as guides to draw the rest of the tiger's body using quick, short strokes.

Draw Tiger 19

Step 19: Use the guide line to draw the tiger's tail.

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