Draw Squirrel 10

Step 10: Use the egg shape as a guide to draw the head and use quick, short strokes for a furry look.

Draw Squirrel 11

Step 11: Draw some whiskers on the squirrel's muzzle using quick, long strokes.

Draw Squirrel 12

Step 12: Use the initial line as a guide to draw the squirrel's hands. Use quick, short strokes and draw around the guide to make the arm thicker. Draw curved lines at the end for the fingers and a couple more at the top to create a nut. Add a few more curved lines to make up the fingers of its other hand.

Draw Squirrel 13

Step 13: Draw the squirrel's feet using the same basic technique you used for the hands. Using the lines as placement guides, draw quick, short strokes for the fur and curved lines for the toes.

Draw Squirrel 14

Step 14: Use the oval as a guide to draw the body by using quick, short strokes to represent the fur.

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