Draw Cartoon Mini Little Tiger Cub 6

Step 6: Below the little cartoon tiger cub's nose, draw a curved line with two bumps for the mouth. The shape of the mouth should be similar to a curved letter W. Below the mouth, draw a couple of tiny curved lines for the chin.


Draw Cartoon Mini Little Tiger Cub 7

Step 7: Draw the top part of the head as a curved line above the eyes. The line should be placed pretty high. Add a couple of spikes in the middle of the line to represent the tiger's fur. On the left side of the face, draw a curved line that's made up of quick, short strokes for the side of the head. Draw another curved line on the right side but place it farther away from the face. Leave gaps on the top sides of the head.


Draw Cartoon Mini Little Tiger Cub 8

Step 8: Draw an arc on the upper left side of the head for the tiger cub's first ear. Add another arc on the right side for the other ear. This ear should be a bit bigger because of perspective. Add a few quick, short strokes inside each ear to represent fur.


Draw Cartoon Mini Little Tiger Cub 9

Step 9: Draw the chest under the head using a series of quick, short strokes. The overall shape of the chest should be similar to a half-circle.


Draw Cartoon Mini Little Tiger Cub 10

Step 10: Under the chest, on the right, draw two vertical lines (one short, the other long) for the cartoon tiger cub's first front leg. On the left side, draw a C-shaped line to meet the long line on the right to form the foot. Add a two lines inside for the tiger's toes.

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