Draw Husky Puppy Dog 10

Step 10: Draw the puppy's nose inside the muzzle by first lightly sketching a small oval near the middle. When you get the shape right, add a series of quick, short strokes at the top for the fur. Darken the other sides of the shape but make the bottom pointier. Inside the husky's nose, on either side, draw a curved line for the nostrils. Shade the bottom part of the curved lines to create the inside of the nostrils. Draw a small line at the bottom of the nose.


Draw Husky Puppy Dog 11

Step 11: Draw a line that starts under the nose and curves left for the first side of the husky puppy's top lip. Add another line that curves to the right for the rest of the top lip. Make each line longer and make them curve up as they follow the basic shape of the initial circle but make the muzzle wider. Use quick, short strokes as you draw the shape of the muzzle to create a fuzzy texture. Follow the lower edge of the initial circle to create the chin.

Draw Husky Puppy Dog 12

Step 12: Use the triangle-like shapes on the head as guides to draw the husky puppy's ears. Use quick, short strokes as you follow the path of the guides for a fuzzy texture. Using quick, short strokes, draw a thin, slit-like shape in the middle of the ear for the opening. Add an opening using quick, short strokes to the other ear as well.


Draw Husky Puppy Dog 13

Step 13: Use the main circle as a guide to draw the rest of the husky puppy's head. Make the sides of the head wider as you follow the basic path of the initial circle. Use quick, short strokes as you create the shape of the head to give it a furry texture.



Draw Husky Puppy Dog 14

Step 14: Use the second line from the right under the body as a guide to draw the husky's first front leg. Use quick, short strokes as you draw the shape of the leg around the guide line. Use a few short lines at the bottom to separate the puppy's toes and nails. The shape of the leg and foot should be short and wide.

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