Draw Carnotaurus Dinosaur 10

Step 10: Use the initial half-circle as a guide to draw the top half of the carnotaurus' head. Follow the basic path of the half- circle as you darken the lines but make the shape of the head more jagged. To create the top part of the dinosaur's open mouth, follow the guide but make the line more wavy. On the left side of the head, draw a slit-like line for the nostril. Add a curved line above it for structure.


Draw Carnotaurus Dinosaur 11

Step 11: Use the curved line at the bottom as a guide to draw the shape of the carnotaurus' jaw. Follow the basic path of the guide as you draw the jaw but make the lines curvier. Draw the open mouth as a curved line that follows the same basic path of the jaw. This line shouldn't continue up toward the head but instead should stop on the lower left side.


Draw Carnotaurus Dinosaur 12

Step 12: Draw a series of small V- shaped lines along the top part of the carnotaurus' mouth for the teeth. The teeth should vary in size a bit. The row of teeth should stop before it hits the end of the mouth on the right. Now draw a series of small triangle- like shapes along the bottom edge of the mouth for the lower row of teeth. Curve the row of teeth up toward the head along the mouth. The teeth should stay inside the mouth.


Draw Carnotaurus Dinosaur 13

Step 13: Draw a small line on the right for the bit of skin that connects the mouth. Use a series of lines inside for the carnotaurus' tongue. The back of the tongue is made up of two curved lines overlapping each other. The front of the tongue comes to a point.


Draw Carnotaurus Dinosaur 14

Step 14: Draw an angled line above the eye to give the brow a more bony structure. Add a line to the right of the nostril to emphasize the shape of the carnotaurus' cranium. Draw a few more lines to the right of the eye and horns to complete the shape of the head.

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