Draw House Sparrow Bird 10

Step 10: Use the intial circle as a guide to draw the sparrow's head. Follow the top edge of the circle as you darken the line to create the top part of the head. Extend the line toward the guide on the left to create the back portion of the head. Use quick, short strokes under the beak for the bird's feathery throat. Add a few quick, short strokes inside the head too for the outline of the neck.


Draw House Sparrow Bird 11

Step 11: Draw a series of lines inside the face for the first part of the sparrow's pattern and color separation. Draw a curved line that starts at the base of the beak and stretches to the back of the head. The line should be made up of quick, short strokes to represent feathers. Add a short, curved line to the left of the eye.


Draw House Sparrow Bird 12

Step 12: Now draw the second part of the sparrow's color separation as a longer line under the eye. This line should start at the throat, curve under the eye and end on the left side near the back of the bird's head.


Draw House Sparrow Bird 13

Step 13: Draw the top part of the bird's wing by using a series of curved lines inside the body. First darken the left side of the body. Then add a few short, curved lines along the middle. Curve the line back up toward the head to create the inner edge of the sparrow's folded wing. Add a few quick, short strokes on the upper, right side of the wing for the pattern separation.


Draw House Sparrow Bird 14

Step 14: Draw the lower part of the wing by using the initial lines as guides. The first part of the sparrow's wing sort of resembles a letter V that's slightly tilted to the right a bit. The second part is the tip of the wing that's made up of a series of long lines that come to a point. This tip of the folded wing should stretch to the left toward the guide for the tail.

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