Draw Roaring Lion 10

Step 10: Draw a curved line under the nose for the top lip of the roaring lion's open mouth. The top lip should sit very close to the bottom edge of the initial circle. Add a few curved lines on the sides for the curled-up muzzle.


Draw Roaring Lion 11

Step 11: Draw the top row of teeth under the top lip. The roaring lion's canines should be on the sides and be long, thin and pointy. Add a line in front for the gums and the smaller incisor teeth under it. You can also make the canines longer if you'd like.


Draw Roaring Lion 12

Step 12: Draw a curved line below the lion's teeth for the bottom lip. Pay attention to how far down this line goes. It doesn't touch the bottom of the initial arc. Draw another line inside the shape where the bottom teeth will sit.


Draw Roaring Lion 13

Step 13: Draw the bottom row of teeth right above the line for the lower lip. The lion's bottom canines should be long, thin and triangle- shaped, and the incisors should be smaller.


Draw Roaring Lion 14

Step 14: Draw a curved line inside the open mouth for the lion's tongue. Draw a few small lines on the sides for the visible molars.

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